Brilliant Betty
Face Painter Extraordinaire

Omaha's Face Painting Prodigy

Step into the colorful realm of Brilliant Betty, Omaha's face painting sensation. With every brushstroke, Betty transforms faces into living canvases, making children's dreams come alive right in front of your eyes. Catering to Omaha, Lincoln, Elkhorn, Millard, Papillion, La Vista, Bellevue, Council Bluffs, and neighboring regions, Betty has become the embodiment of festive joy.

About Brilliant Betty:

  • Locations: Offering services across Omaha, Lincoln, Elkhorn, Millard, Papillion, and more.
  • Experience and Mastery: A seasoned artist with over a decade of face painting expertise, Betty's repertoire is vast and enchanting.
  • Event Specialties: Be it a boisterous birthday bash, a fervent fair, a community church carnival, or a scintillating school festivity, Brilliant Betty amplifies the ambiance with her skills.
  • A Visionary in Vibrance: Betty's creations range from whimsical butterflies and powerful dragons to intricate patterns and abstract art—all coming alive with her touch.
  • An Experience Beyond Paint: With Betty, face painting transcends beyond mere colors. It's about capturing imagination, expressing individuality, and cherishing smiles.

Services Offered:

  • Individual Face Paintings
  • Group Packages
  • Event Special Face Painting
  • Personalized Creations
  • Custom Themes
  • And many more!

Opting for Brilliant Betty is opting for an artful experience that resonates with joy, wonder, and lasting memories. Add a touch of magic to your next event and watch faces light up in joy and amazement.

Contact The Balloon Brigade today to make your event truly unforgettable with Brilliant Betty's artistry.

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