Singing Grams by The Balloon Brigade

We are Omaha’s premier singing telegram and balloon delivery service!

YES! We can make last minute deliveries.

Call or text right now at 402.597.2579, and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

What We Do

Embarrassing your co-workers. Loved ones and friends are what this is all about! Birthday parties, retirement parties, surprise parties, whatever the event you can count on The Balloon Brigade to show people you care.

You can even send us to show someone that you don’t particularly care for them all that much.


We Have Three Fun Options

The GIANT "vocally challenged" Chicken

is one of our most popular acts. With a ‘cluck cluck’ here and an “Oh wow…this is awkward” there, Omaha’s dancing chicken is always a fun choice.

Auntie Grizelda

The strange aunt that you are trying to avoid is an off the wall, unforgettable, and HILARIOUS act. Pulling up with a custom “tricked out” walker, Auntie Grizelda’s great sense of humor (asking the guys to swipe right on her), colorful balloon creations, and unforgettable singing of The Golden Girls Theme Song. She is in constant demand and a guaranteed, unique way to celebrate a special occasion.


A fun way to tell someone you love them. Armed with bow and arrow, Cupid flutters in armed with a bow, arrow, and a ridiculous amount of balloons.

Aiming at your loved one, Cupid fires an arrow. While subdued, Cupid recites a custom Haiku that may not make much sense, but it’s certainly memorable.

She follows up singing the Golden Girls Theme and poses for photos. Take a look at the video below.

Whatever your choice, it’s five minutes of high energy hilarity that your friend will never forget and may never forgive you for.

Just have your camera ready!

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