The Doctor Oxygen Science Show

The Doctor Oxygen Science Show

Dr. Oxygen Science Show: The Pinnacle of Kid's Science Entertainment in Omaha and Lincoln Metro

Unlock the world of mesmerizing scientific wonders with the Dr. Oxygen Science Show – Omaha's and Lincoln's go-to for interactive, fun-filled learning experiences tailored for children. Transcending the typical bounds of education, our presentations unravel the mysteries of the universe in the most exhilarating way.

From Historical Giants to Modern Wonders:
Delve into the groundbreaking contributions of iconic scientists like Newton, Galileo, and many more. Each segment brings their historic discoveries to life, allowing children to grasp foundational concepts that have shaped our world.

Interactive Demonstrations Galore:
Be prepared for a whirlwind of excitement as kids partake in a plethora of activities:

  • The iconic Coke & Mentos Explosion
  • The chilling Dry Ice Sublimation
  • Spiraling Water Bottle Tornadoes
  • The mesmerizing Toroidal Vortex Generator
  • Newton’s Beads and the Defy Gravity challenge
  • Engaging Cartesian Divers
  • The captivating Fire Tornado
  • The Copper Stopper trick
  • Enthralling Optical Illusions
  • The Persistence of Vision phenomenon ... and many more thrilling experiments!

Educate, Engage, Inspire:
Beyond mere entertainment, our mission revolves around igniting a lasting passion for science in young minds. Whether it's school assemblies, science fairs, summer schools, daycare activities, birthday parties, or library gatherings in the Omaha and Lincoln metro regions, Dr. Oxygen promises an adventure that fosters appreciation for scientific exploration.

Turn Curiosity into Knowledge:
Eager to introduce children to the marvels of the scientific world? Partner with us for an event that promises laughter, amazement, and enlightenment. Crafting a personalized science show that aligns with your vision, audience, and budget is just a call away.

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