Tie-Dye Terri!

Tie-Dye Terri!

Spring is around the corner, it's a time in Omaha that is synonymous with vibrant events - and what better way to add color and excitement than with the incredible talents of Tie-Dye Terri, our renowned balloon artist and face painter at The Balloon Brigade? 

Terri’s 25 years of experience in bringing smiles to faces at carnivals, fairs, and festivals make her an unrivaled choice for your next event.

Experience Par Excellence: Terri has been a full-time balloon artist and face painter for over 25 years. Her expertise is evident in every intricate balloon sculpture and every beautifully painted face.

  • Versatile Artistry for Every Event: Whether it's a church carnival, a local fair, or a festive community gathering in the Omaha metro area, Terri's artistry is a perfect fit. Her skills are versatile, catering to the thematic needs of various spring events.

Why Tie-Dye Terri is a Must-Have for Your Spring Event:

  • Engaging and Interactive Art: Terri doesn’t just create; she engages. Her interactive style makes every balloon twist and face paint session a memorable experience for attendees.
  • Custom Creations for Every Theme: From whimsical spring designs to classic favorites, Terri's creations are tailored to complement your event’s theme, making it stand out in the Omaha event landscape.

Booking Terri for Your Spring Event:

  • Reserve Early for Spring Events: As a sought-after artist in the Omaha metro area, Terri's calendar fills up quickly for the spring season. We recommend booking early to ensure her presence at your carnival, fair, or festival.
  • Tailored to Your Event Needs: Each event is unique, and so are Terri’s creations. Share your event details with us, and we’ll ensure Terri brings her best artistry to enhance your event's charm.

Terri is more than a balloon artist and face painter; she's a creator of joyous experiences. Her presence at your spring event in Omaha will guarantee smiles, laughter, and a splash of color that remains a fond memory for all. 

Visit The Balloon Brigade to book Tie-Dye Terri for your next event and make it a spring celebration to remember!

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