Omaha and Lincoln’s Ultimate Post-Prom Entertainment Choice

Omaha and Lincoln’s Ultimate Post-Prom Entertainment Choice

Are you in the Omaha Metro or Lincoln, Nebraska, and planning an unforgettable post-prom event? The Balloon Brigade's lineup for 2024 is here to ensure your celebration is the highlight of the year. With a curated selection of entertainers, each act promises to bring excitement, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Comedy Stage Hypnotist: A Hilarious Mind-Bending Journey

Prepare to be thoroughly entertained with our Comedy Stage Hypnotist. This act is not only a barrel of laughs but also an intriguing dive into the power of suggestion. Ideal for the student bodies of Omaha and Lincoln, our hypnotist turns a regular post-prom into an interactive stage where the subconscious comes alive in the most amusing ways. Your guests will be talking about it long after the night ends!

Strolling/Parlor Magic: Up-Close Amazement

Magic is timeless, and our Strolling/Parlor Magic act brings it right to your fingertips. Students from Omaha to Lincoln will be engaged and astonished by the close-up magic that happens right in their hands. It’s a shared experience that turns disbelief into wonder, making your post-prom a magical event that will be remembered for years.

Air Brush and Henna Tattoo Artists: Expressive Art for Memorable Nights

Our Air Brush Tattoo Artists offer a splash of color with designs that reflect each student's personality, a hit with Omaha and Lincoln's vibrant youth culture. These tattoos are a fun, temporary way to celebrate the night's freedom. Meanwhile, our Henna Tattoo Artists provide a touch of elegance with natural, long-lasting designs, creating a beautiful and traditional twist to the evening's festivities.

Caricature Artist: Personalized Keepsakes

Capturing laughter and smiles, our Caricature Artists are among the best in Nebraska. With a few strokes of genius, they provide students from Omaha to Lincoln with personalized keepsakes that frame their post-prom experience in a unique and artistic way.

Balloon Twister: Colorful Creations

No post-prom in Omaha or Lincoln is complete without the whimsical shapes and colors crafted by our Balloon Twister. From intricate hats to elaborate animals, these creations are not just decorations but interactive fun that reflect school spirit and individuality.

Fortune Telling: A Glimpse into Positive Futures

Madame Charlatan, our enchanting Fortune Teller, weaves tales of future positivity, captivating the imagination of students. This act adds a mystical layer to the night, providing experiences that resonate with the curiosity and optimism of youth.

A Fantastic Post Prom

The Balloon Brigade is excited to bring our unique brand of post-prom entertainment to the Omaha Metro and Lincoln, Nebraska areas. Our engaging acts are perfect for creating a night filled with laughter, wonder, and artistry. Book now to ensure that your school's post-prom is the event of the year!

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Reach out to us at [email protected] to reserve your date. Act quickly, as our calendar fills up fast – Omaha and Lincoln, let’s make post-prom history together!

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