Elevating Omaha and Lincoln Events with Tom the Twisted's Balloon Artistry

Elevating Omaha and Lincoln Events with Tom the Twisted's Balloon Artistry

The Balloon Brigade's Tom the Twisted crafts awe-inspiring balloon decorations for events across Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, including this stunning balloon dragon creation!

Welcome to The Balloon Brigade, where the art of balloon decoration is redefined! 

Our own Tom the Twisted has been enchanting events across Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, with his breathtaking balloon creations. 

Of course Tom and the crew at the balloon brigade can twist the classics (see pic 2 and 3). 

Tom is not just twisting balloons; he is crafting experiences that linger long after the party ends.

His latest spectacle? A majestic balloon dragon, masterfully designed for a wedding in Lincoln. This isn't just a balloon model; it's the centrepiece of your unforgettable day. 

Tom's creations capture the essence of your event's theme, adding a unique flair that can only be described as magical.

Whether you're in Omaha looking for that special touch for a corporate event or in Lincoln dreaming of the perfect wedding decor, we're here to bring your vision to life with balloons. 

Our team is skilled in the latest balloon twisting techniques, ensuring your decoration stands out in the most splendid way.

And it's not just about looks; it's about creating memories. 

Our balloon dragon is a perfect example, offering not just a photo opportunity, but a topic of discussion that weaves your guests into the fabric of the event's story.

When you choose The Balloon Brigade for your Omaha or Lincoln event, you're not just getting decorations; you're making a statement. Get in touch today, and let's create something extraordinary together!

Reach out to us now, dates go quickly!

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